Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All at Once.

I'm now living in Greenville and finally feel like I'm somewhat settled in my nice little 2-bedroom apartment. The only thing left to get is a fish to keep me company! Thank you so much to all of you who helped me get here and who have been praying that this be a smooth transition period for me.

I've been able to get into my classroom at Southwood a few times since moving and start to get it all situated! It feels like the progress is slow, but it's getting there and will have to be done by Monday (!) which is when my parents and their children will come in to meet me! I'm really starting to get so so excited. My school is amazing, my co-workers are the bomb and everyone is so incredibly helpful. There isn't a better school God could have put me into for being a first year teacher and for having moved so far away from home. I'm pumped about first grade and hoping that what I do lack in experience I'll make up for in being a good actress and making it appear as though I do! haha

Startown - I miss you guys a lot & I hope this school year starts out wonderfully! Love ya'll!

This past weekend a group of us went down to Atlantic Beach to have fun and relax. It was an especially nice ending to a few days of New Teacher Orientation!  Well, the second day there (and may I add it was Friday the 13th..) we were out playing in the huge waves and one caught me and hit me into Nate's leg on the right side of my head. Result?

Ruptured ear drum.. pretty painful and caused some hearing loss. No fun! My love took care of me though. After a trip to the ER that day and a trip to the ENT in Greenville I have to wait until December to find out if my eardrum has healed itself or if I will need surgery. I'm praying that it'll heal itself, and thank you for those of you who are praying for me as well!!

That's really about all for now as far as interesting things in my life. I love and miss all of you back home!


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