Monday, July 26, 2010

New Beginnings.

So.. in an effort to keep everyone up-to-date with the happenings in my life I'm going to attempt using this blog.

I'm getting ready to move out of the parents' house to Greenville, NC. I've got a new job in Kinston, NC (about 40 min south of G-ville) teaching first grade. I'm also a fiancĂ©e and will be getting married this coming May to my best friend and an amazingly godly man.

Stress much? I'm doing my best and trying to keep my cool as I leave family and friends in Hickory and move on to the next step in my life. I'm growing up!

I know I'll lose touch with a lot of people even though I wish I wouldn't. It kind of comes with the territory I suppose. I love to email to keep in touch but I don't always have time or remember to keep up with the email correspondence. Either way, mine is should you wish to shoot me something! I'll post my new address once I find a place!

Love you all :)

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