Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wedding Excitement

     A couple of weekends ago, my mom met up with me in Gastonia to shop for a wedding dress. Being it was Tax Free weekend in NC, Bedazzled had a deal where their dresses weren't being taxed that weekend. (Huge money saver!!) So after trying on yet another selection of dresses.. I found my dress. I absolutely cannot wait until it comes in so I can try it on again! It makes me feel gorgeous and I can't wait for my groom to see me in it on May 21st!

     Obviously this picture isn't my dress.. but it's a fun one with ginormous sleeves, right? Yeah, something I would never ever wear.. but how about the hair? I think I'd look good with a beehive up-do.

     Anyway, if you'd like to see a picture of my dress text/call/e-mail me and I will fill you in!!

Man OH man I can't wait to be a bride! Yayayayayayyy!

     In relation to getting married, growing up and moving on to the next thing in life... Brad found out that our first base assignment is in Arizona at Luke Air Force Base! What an adventure we're about to begin! Though it's far away from NC, I'm looking forward to starting our lives together on own. I've also got some family in TX so I forsee lots of visits with them! (hint hint John & Mandy!)

     If anyone has any advice, comments, etc. for Brad & I before we get married and make our move out west please send an email our way! We are overjoyed about our future!


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